"Side projects and hobbies are important"; writes Austin Kleon in his great book 'Steal like an Artist'. Nothing could be further from the truth. Up until I was 16 (17 years ago..), I wasn't sure wether I wanted to go into music or into architecture. I chose music, and thus architecture became my main hobby..

Already as a kid I was fascinated by classical architecture (and music..). In fact, my favourite musical instrument combined both: Pipe organ.. Huge classical cabinets with basements and pediments- and endless arrays of pipes! And that imposing sound! I even designed my own organ cases..

My desire to learn the secrets of traditional architectural composition brought me to many, many new places on the internet. Digital libraries brought me the right books to study; YouTube and Vimeo brought me many lectures with many things to learn within this field.. And not to forget the many great blogs and facebook pages!

I can safely say I am completely self-tought in classical architecture- but anyone can learn this language of form, hence my desire to share all these great historic books I came across: You can find them in my library.

Enjoy exploring this site!                                                               vincent